A student guide to preparing and presenting Anthropology, Archaeology, Criminology and Sociology assignments and theses.

This document provides guidelines and suggestions for writing assignments and theses. Students should note, however, that their lecturers or advisors may have preferences that differ from the examples given, and they should ask their lecturers or advisors about these. Also, University requirements for written work, especially theses, can change from time to time, and students should check the relevant University publications for the latest requirements. Any requirements officially published by The University of Queensland would supercede those in this writing guide.

Students submitting a Research Higher Degree Thesis should also refer to the UQ Graduate School - Thesis Preparation.

Assignment Writing Guide [PDF - 325kb]

  1. Assignment Topics and Topic Analysis (pages 1-5)
  2. Reading and Making Notes for Assignments (pages 6-9) 
  3. Essay Writing (pages 10-14)
  4. Writing: General Considerations (pages 15-17)
  5. Plagiarism (pages 18-19)
  6. Presentation (pages 19-21)
  7. Length (page 21)
  8. Submitting and Collecting Work (page 22)
  9. Due Dates and Extensions (page 23)
  10. Referencing (pages 24-40)
  11. Notes on Thesis Preparation (pages 41-51) 
  12. Sources for Helping and Further Reading (pages 52-55)


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