Dr Jon Prangnell
Dr Jon Prangnell
Senior Lecturer

Phone:  (+61 7) 336 52887
Fax:  (+61 7) 336 51544

Room 406, Level 4,
Michie Building (#9), St Lucia Campus


BA - Hons (Archaeology), University of Queensland
Ph.D (Archaeology), University of Queensland

Professional activities:

Member - Brisbane City Council Heritage Advisory Committee
President - Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology
Member - Editorial Board, International Journal of Historical Archaeology
Co-editor - Australasian Historical Archaeology


Lecturer, School of Social Science, The University of Queensland, 2005 - Present
Director, University of Queensland Archaeological Services Unit, 1997 - 201

Research interests:
  • The social archaeology of late nineteenth and early twentieth century southeast Queensland particularly examining the development of capitalism and its relationship with colonialism, Victorianism and industrial innovation. Excavated sites include sawmills, sugar mills, pastoral properties and gold mining towns.
  • Scientific studies related to the taphonomy of the North Brisbane Burial Grounds

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Representative publications:

Prangnell, J. 2013 'Colonialism and the Peel Island Lazaret: Changing the world one story at a time.' Historical Archaeology 47(1):66-79.

Prangnell, J. (ed.) 2013 'The Historical Archaeology of Queensland, Australia.' International Journal of Historical Archaeology 17(3).
Prangnell, J. 2013 'Daughter of the Sun.' International Journal of Historical Archaeology 17(3):423-427.
Prangnell, J. and G McGowan 2013 'Economy and Respectability: textiles from the North Brisbane Burial Ground.' International Journal of Historical Archaeology 17(3):487-519.
Youngberry, A. and J. Prangnell 2013 'Fences, Boats and Teas: Engendering patient lives at Peel Island Lazaret.' International Journal of Historical Archaeology 17(3):445-464.


Prangnell, J. and Mate, G. 2011 'Kin, Fictive Kin and Strategic Movement: Working class heritage of the Upper Burnett.' International Journal of Heritage Studies 17(4):318-330.

Prangnell, J., Ross, A. and Coghill, B. 2010 'Power Relations and Community Involvement in Landscape-Based Cultural Heritage Management Practice: An Australian case study.'  International Journal of Heritage Studies 16(1-2):140-155.

Ross, A, Prangnell, J. and Coghill, B  2010 'Archaeology, Cultural Landscapes, and Indigenous Knowledge in Australian Cultural Heritage Management Legislation and Practice.'  Heritage Management 3(1):73-97.

McGowan, G. and Prangnell, J., 2009, ''The Truth Will Out’: Recycling of Packing Timber to Construct a Nineteenth Century Australian Coffin.' Australian Archaeology, 68:56-58.

Prangnell, J. and Quirk, K., 2009, 'Children in Paradise: Growing up on the Australian Goldfields.'  Historical Archaeology, 43(3):38-49.

Prangnell, J. and McGowan, G., 2009, 'Soil Temperature Calculation for Burial Site Analysis.' Forensic Science International, 191:104-109.

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